A warm  autumnal welcome to all you gentle souls. Thank you for visiting this page.

I am Bettina, a Bio Energy/HiddenMind therapist. I began to study this beautiful healing practice about three years ago.

So, what is Bio Energy therapy?

Bio Energy works with the human/animal field also called Aura, and other systems of our body. We are using a set of hand techniques around the body, and hands on (to energize) head, heart and spine, to channel Energy. It helps to unravel emotions and blocks within, correct and balance the energetic systems referred to as Meridians, Chakras and Auric Fields. It is gentle, and non-invasive therapy.  Read more about Bio Energy therapy HERE

A note about the HiddenMind therapy 

Like the Bio Energy, the HiddenMind is a natural therapy.  

The human body is a wonderful machine. It is believed that it is a self-creating and self-correcting system. We are all electrical, and like all life forms, we should vibrate at an optimal frequency, that is when we are on top of our form ! 

Although working on a subconscious level with the client, the therapist checks and verifies if there is any form of imbalance in the client’s body, such as a block/trauma/shock on a physical, mental, emotional level,etc, A full check of bones/organs/glands, and others is done. 

Once function and life force energy of these systems (Meridians, Chakras and Auric Fields) are identified and measured (defined as a percentage of), these imbalances are then corrected with intention, a sound frequency and an affirmation program.

The HiddenMind  therapy along with Bio Energy unlocks crystallized (blocked) energy.  It promotes self healing within, reprograms (bringing information) and reconnects the body, with mind and soul.



Bettina Feeley Bio Energy Therapy

We often hear that Autumn is a time for detoxification, before getting ready to hibernate.. so consider embracing your healing journey with Love and book a set of 3 to 4 healing sessions for a more relaxed, connected and lighter you !

Have a beautiful and serene Autumn!