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Bio Energy Therapist

Bio Energy Therapy

Embrace your healing journey with Love

Bio Energy Therapy

This healing therapy works on the human/animal energy field using very gentle hand movements.

To re-balance the life force energy within.

Hidden Mind

Investigative and Corrective therapy to identify current and past traumas in the body, and guide you on a path to self-healing.

Bettina Feeley Bio Energy Therapy


Born in France, I was introduced at an early age to Natural Therapies such as Green Clay (argile) applications, Healing, and Homeopathy.

Bettina Feeley Bio Energy Therapy

Registered with Bio Energy Therapist Association, Eire, BETA

Hidden Mind Investigative and Corrective Therapist

ITEC Aestheticienne, Anatomy, Physiology, Body Massage

Bio Energy Therapy

Bio Energy Therapy

Release past trauma and restore life force energy


Bio Energy Therapy

Hidden Mind

Investigative and Corrective treatment 


Bio Energy Therapy


Therapeutic massage treatment 


About Me

Born in France, I was introduced at an early age to Natural Therapies such as Green Clay (Argile) applications, Healing, and Homeopathy.

I was always fascinated in my early teens to see my mother dowsing.

I always have had an interest in the therapeutic aspects of body treatments such as Thalassotherapy, and Massage, they are delightful and make a great cocktail of detoxification and relaxation.

By then, my Irish journey brought me to experience postnatal issues and heavy metal poisoning, and I began to search for many aspects of self help through naturopathy  since 2007.  The healing benefits of Bio Energy and Hidden Mind are to be noted, Mr Tom Griffin and his wonderful team of the Hidden Mind Institute, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, aspire and inspire me to the practice. 

I trained at the Hidden Mind Institute in 2019 and 2022.


“I have just had 3 consecutive bio energy healing sessions with Bettina Feeley.  It was a lovely experience that left me feeling emotionally, physically, and energetically nurtured and supported.

Bettina is a very sensitive, attuned and deeply empathetic practitioner who uses her skill to explore and discover what her clients’ needs are and through the application of bioenergetic healing methods succeeds in strengthening her clients’ innate healing powers.

I feel so much better, stronger and clearer after the treatment and will definitely come back for further sessions in the future.”

Dr Stefanie Dinkelbach, Cork, Ireland

Bettina Feeley Bio Energy

What Is
Bio Energy Therapy?

Bio Energy works on the human/animal energy field. Involving the integration of a network of powerful and effective healing techniques  via very gentle hand movements, it works by re-balancing the life force energy within the human/animal body.

What to expect
at a treatment? 

Each treatment is approximately one hour

The client is fully clothed during the treatment.

The client will be standing to receive the opening of some bio energy treatment and then can either be seated or lying on the treatment coach during the remainder of the healing session.

Relieves Stress & Tension

It restores the natural flow of energy within the body to allow self healing.

Improves concentration

Clears blocked emotions

Clears blocked emotions

Aids restful sleep

Bettina Feeley Bio Energy

What is HiddenMind therapy?

Bio Energy Therapy

Bio Energy


This therapy is based on manipulating the life-force energy in and around the human body. It involves working on the human energy field with the hands around the body. The electro-magnetic field that surrounds every person which is often referred to as the Aura. Hands are also placed on the body, primarily on the head, the heart and the spine.

Bio Energy Therapy

Investigative Corrective Sound Protocol Therapy


The HiddenMind: Investigative & corrective sound protocol which is often referred to as HiddenMind therapy is based on picking up information from a person’s subconscious mind or in other words, from the person’s own body.

Every person is constantly broadcasting information through their energy field, we are all sending out certain vibrations. Therapists are trained to pick up on these vibrations and through dowsing discern the state of the person’s health.

Hidden Mind Bio Energy therapy

Body Work
Through Energy


Designed to deal with spinal problems, issues with the internal organs and structural anomalies. By using the method of dowsing, finger modes and statements it can be determined if corrections are required on spinal vertebrae, discs, nerve roots and spinal muscles. The sacrum, coccyx and pelvis are also assessed for correct structural alignment. This therapy is carried out with clients laying fully clothed on a massage plinth.

Massage Therapy

Treating a client with the upmost respect and openness, with total confidentiality and support. Very relaxing, it enhances the body’s oxygenation and supports the lymphatic system, benefits a lot of conditions and speeds up healing. Massage can be a complimentary therapy to bio energy sessions, to encourage clients to relax and welcome healing of mind, body and soul.

Bio Energy Therapy

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