Bio Energy Therapy

What is Bio Energy Therapy?

Bio Energy is often called Chi, or Prana, Life energy.

It works on the human energy field (the Aura) that surrounds the body and also on other electrical systems that process information on an energetic level, i.e. chakras and meridians. When changes occurs in the energy field, imbalances arise within the body which can result in ill-health.

Bio energy healing uses  powerful, safe and non invasive healing techniques, via very gentle hand movements, to restore an optimum balance of life-force energy within mind and body.

During and after the treatment the client should feel relaxed and energized

The client is fully clothed during a treatment. The client stands during the first part of the treatment and then can either be seated or lying on the treatment couch for the remainder of the healing session.

Duration: 1 hour
Aftercare: Be kind to yourself, and allow the process of healing to take place. Rest and hydrate well, connect with your emotions, allow yourself to be.


    • Restores the natural flow of energy within the body to allow self healing
    • Relieves stress and tension;
    • Improves concentration;
    • Clears blocked emotions;
    • Accelerates recovery, promotes relaxation and better sleep



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