HiddenMind Therapy (in person)

This is a non-invasive treatment that is completely safe, drug-free, pain-free and surgery-free.

Investigative Therapy

HiddenMind engages with our innate intelligence, to assess the imbalances in the body (in the form of shocks and trauma past and present) which has caused our electrical systems (Meridians and Chakras, and Energy Fields) to malfunction. Basically the cells of our body retain information of all kinds, for long periods of time. If one isn’t freed from these shocks and traumas, one can experience malaise and discomfort, affecting the energy flow. Therefore getting into the root of symptoms, restoring and raising the energetic vibration, allows self-healing to take place, before dis-ease sets in. The investigation is carried out using the principle of dousing to measure organ and system function and to assess life force energy.

Corrective Therapy

When blockages are identified within the body, e.g. the depletion of the life force energy due to emotional, mental, physical, or other type of shock, specific sounds and affirmations are chosen to help correct these imbalances, calling the body to self heal and regain its optimum energy and health.

Duration: 1 hour approx.

Aftercare: Being mindful of ourselves and connecting with our emotions is essential after a HiddenMind treatment. This is when the body’s self-healing process begins. To encourage the healing process, take some time to feel any emotions that may come.  Relaxation and hydration are recommended after every session.



The client is fully clothed during the treatment.

The client will receive some bio energy therapy, either while seated or lying down on the treatment couch during the investigation and correction process of HiddenMind Therapy. The client will generally experience calm within, feel lighter, and reconnected with mind and body.


  • Frees the Mind/Body of shock and trauma;
  • Restores energetic Life Force and systems function;
  • Brings self-healing to fruition;
  • Promotes relaxation;
  • Reconnects Mind and Body.


Bio Energy Therapy

HiddenMind Sound Correction Therapy

Remote HiddenMind

Massage Therapy

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