Remote HiddenMind Therapy

In the comfort of one’s home, one can receive a lovely healing treatment. Energy is everywhere, and carries anywhere..

Resting and Connecting with intention with Bettina, prior to a Zoom, WhatsApp, or phone call, facilitates her to carry out the investigation of mind/Body, by authorising the access of the subconscious mind. Then the call takes place, with a conversation regarding the findings of the research. Then the correction of imbalances with the Sound and Affirmation Protocol is put in place, with some Bio Energy application.

About the Investigation

We are asking our subconscious to unlock and release possible imbalances arising from emotional, mental, physical, environmental issues resulting in traumas, which occurred during our life time or possibly before our life time.

A set of specific questions, using dousing, is used to assess the energetic frequency of the systems. Once these shocks or imbalances are identified, they can be corrected, to restore life force energy and promote self healing.

About the Correction

During the telephone or video call, or using a picture of the client, Bettina proceeds to apply Bio energy movements supported by specific sounds and affirmations.


  • Accessed from the comfort of one’s home
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Activates self-healing
  • This gentle and non invasive treatment is generally carried out for 3-4 days in a row.

This gentle and non invasive treatment is carried out for 3-4 days in a row generally , to facilitate Healing.

Duration: A session is usually around one hour long, including investigation and correction.

Aftercare:  It is important that one is mindful of oneself after a treatment, as you may feel tired or overwhelmed. Rest, good hydration, light exercise, in nature if possible, is recommended to help reset balance and harmony.



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