Virtual Gift Card values:

Virtual Gift Cards may be redeemed against any of the following treatments.  Your gift recipient can choose which treatment they would like and offset the gift value against it.

Once you have completed your purchase, the recipient of your Virtual Gift Card will receive an email with your message, the value and a code to redeem when choosing their desired treatment from the treatments offered.

Bio Energy Therapy€30 = Therapeutic Back Massage
Bio Energy Therapy€60 = 1 Bio Energy Therapy session
Bio Energy Therapy€70 = 1 Remote HiddenMind Therapy session
Bio Energy Therapy€85 = 1 HiddenMind Therapy session in person
Bio Energy Therapy€180 = 3 x Bio Energy Therapy sessions
Bio Energy Therapy€210 = 3 x Remote HiddenMind Therapy sessions
Bio Energy Therapy€250 = 3 x HiddenMind Therapy sessions in person


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  • Follow the Checkout process.

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